Which Beauty Products To Fork Out Your Cash On & Which To Get For Peanuts

If you’re anything like me you could probably spend anywhere between $4 to $400 in a single drop when it comes to buying beauty products (not sorry).

But trying to figure out what the heck to actually spend the money on is a challenge, coz frankly despite the fact that everything looks luxe AF, some exxy products aren’t worth the extra shifts you’ll have to pick up to cover them.

Given that I’m (shockingly) not too partial on selling a kidney to afford to look like less of a trash panda than usual, I’ve narrowed down the top three things you should spend your dollarydoos on and the top three you can reasonably get for cheap.


1. Foundation: Anything that’s going on your face for long periods of time should be high enough quality that it won’t irritate your skin. If your skin can handle a drugstore foundation and not transform into a replica of the moon’s cratery surface, tell me all your goddamn secrets. Don’t forget to keep your tools clean too – wash your brushes w/ a StylPro to avoid getting your new fancy foundation all gunky.

banish the gunk

2. Hair Straightener: Here’s a handy hint, free from me to you. Don’t burn your hair with a shitty quality straightener. It will absolutely ruin it – opt for a higher quality model like the GHD Platinum+ or the cordless Dafni Allure brush so you won’t be left looking like you were singed from root to tip next time you want your luscious locks to behave – curled or straight.

3. Skincare: TBH skincare products are probably the most important element of your actual makeup routine coz you need a good base to work with and skin can be pretty bloody volatile. You don’t have to go for La Mer everything, but splurge on things that will make your skin feel as though it was carved by the very gods themselves out of marble, happiness and the tears of your enemies.


1. Mascara: I won’t lie, mascara is one of those things where I genuinely couldn’t give less of a crap where it’s from – it’s all about that wand shape. My go-to has been a $4 drugstore brand for years and it has never led me astray. Besides, when you’ve gotta replace it every three months (use-by dates suck), you don’t want it to be something super spenno. Go ahead and bat those cheap peepers.

2. Lipstick: Ask anyone to rifle through their handbag and chances are their hand will emerge clutching at least one lipstick (usually with the lid on, but that depends on how much of a grub you are). Cheaper lippies can be just as long-lasting and fun, plus if you’re gonna get a bunch so you can experiment with colours, don’t break the bank on them.

3. Face Masks: Let’s all take a moment to thank the universe for a serious mask renaissance because they’re pretty much EVERYWHERE now. You pay for the ingredients, sure, so you could go luxe if you’re about that bougie life, but you can get good results with a simple Korean sheet mask. Plus it’s self care, obviously, so win-win.

So look, maybe avoid spending your cash on yet another pizza delivery so you can save up some pennies and get the good stuff. Though let’s be real – knowing what you can skimp on now means you could probs wrangle at least one more on your budget.

Pizza and beauty products. You’re welcome.