WATCH: What Is Beauty Cyberbullying?

Anyone who’s ever been online for a sustained period of time knows how hard it can be when all you’re doing is minding your own business, occasionally popping up a selfie or status, when someone cuts you down with unfounded negativity. It’s rough, it sucks and if you’ve experienced this then you’ve experienced beauty cyberbullying, and that is frankly not okay.

Real talk: it’s confronting as hell to put yourself out there like that. Put it this way: chances are, before you so much as post a selfie nowadays you probably vet it through your group chat first, right? If you think the fact that we have to do that at all is sad, just wait till you remember that even though you’re just living your life, someone can still try to tear you down.

And that nonsense is something that Rimmel London and all-round social media queen Flex Mami want to address.

If you’re getting beauty cyberbullied, there are plenty of things you can do to prevent it. The Cybersmile Foundation has even come up with a checklist to make sure you’re equipped with the know-how. Here’s what you gotta do:

  1. Report and block the people commenting or DMing you the nastiness
  2. Take control of the situation by amending your privacy settings
  3. Remember that it’s not you – these people are the ones who are the problem
  4. Talk about the problem with your friends or family so that you’ve got support
  5. Know when to get professional help if you need it

Being online nowadays can be legitimately hectic, so if you’re experiencing beauty cyberbullying at all, don’t take it lying down. The same goes if you see someone else getting harassed online as well – we’ve all gotta look out for each other coz nobody deserves to face this kinda stuff online.

So pop on your fiercest winged eyeliner and take a stand. The world deserves to see those 10/10 selfies.