Banksy Sells Originals On NY Street For $60, Oblivious Passerbys Ignore Lucrative Investment

Crippling regret swathes the internet today as Manhattan locals realise they were probably a few blocks and just $60 away from securing themselves an original Banksy artwork, subsequent bragging rights and an—at least—$10,000 + investment (Banksy’s ‘Keep It Spotless’ sold for $1.87 million in 2008).

Banksy: either a really nice dude for selling work on the cheap; or, Banksy: a real, cruel prick for posting this to instagram once the sale had finished, insisting that “this was a one off. the stall will not be there again today.”

This merciless/amazing stunt comes after Banksy’s other headline-worthy work that has gained attention this month. First was a distressing Dumbo death, then there was a provocative meat industry statement that freaked out Manhattan’s Meatpacking District pedestrians, and now one of his works has been captivated by Brooklyn opportunists who claimed an area and are charging $20 per viewing of one of his street pieces. All the stunts and innovative works produced this month belong to Banksy’s “Better Out Than In” artist residency in New York. You can keep track of Banksy’s daily pranks and sprinkling of street art about NYC here.

Watch unaware pedestrians pass up the quickest 10k anybody’s ever seen below. Crying tears of jealousy at the dude who bought four.

Via Banksy.