Thrush-Prone Baddies Unite: These Anti-Bacterial Bamboo Undies Will Help Ya Kick Yr Itch

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I fear the times I get put on a round of antibiotics because all I can think of is the domino effect it has on my vag — the dominoes being the dreaded itch (aka thrush). Hell, sometimes you don’t even need to be on medication to cop it. But did you know there is bamboo underwear that can help you avoid the scratchy enemy? Enter Vee Underwear.

Made from organic bamboo, Vee Underwear boasts natural properties that ensure your knickers are breathable, antifungal and antibacterial, moisture-wicking and odour-resistant.

That’s a lot to take in but basically in translation: bamboo underwear will help your bits avoid thriving bacteria and therefore reduce the risk of irritation and exposure to yeast infections. Who knew? Not I.

Here’s the deal. Synthetic fabrics (think lace, polyester, silk) can cause havoc on your vagina’s health because the material traps heat and moisture. This irritates the skin and creates a nice little opportunity for bacteria (or a fungus) to thrive.

Things like diet, clothing, soaps and medication can also be causes of thrush — not just underwear. But bamboo underwear sure is an easier, more easily-identifiable change.

Cotton undies are also a good swap, but bamboo is four times more absorbent and three times more breathable. I’m a big believer in the undies you wear influencing your overall day, so it’s a good thing that Vee Underwear is aesthetically pleasing too.

vee underwear bamboo underwear

Vee Underwear Eco-Friendly Bamboo G-String, $25

vee underwear bamboo underwear

Vee Underwear Eco-Friendly Bamboo High-Waisted, $25

Vee Underwear has bamboo underwear in G-String, High-Waisted, Bikini, Boyleg and Cheeky cuts, and even bralettes so you can feel matchy-matchy levels of cute. If you’re wanting to completely overhaul your undies drawer (it happens to all of us at some point), then you save coin by buying in bulk:

  • Buy three or more and save $6 ($23 each) with code 3FOR69
  • Buy five or more and save $25 ($20 each) with code 5FOR100
  • Buy 10 or more and save $60 ($19 each) with code 10FOR190
  • Buy 15 or more and save $105 ($18 each) with code 15for270

What’s not to love? Glide forth, friends.