Bambi Nortwood-Blyth For Josh Goot SS11

Josh Goot’s SS11 collection should come with a warning: ‘prepare to lose your shit’.

This collection is proof that Goot is the Jedi master of prints. In AW08 he blew everyone’s socks off with dreamy clouds, SS09 saw tripped-out rainbow Paddle Pop patterns, he dabbled with a more art noveau aesthetic in SS10 and in AW10 electrocuted us with lightening storms. This time he bases his inquiry on the anatomy of the flower. Tame? Hell no. If you’ve ever looked at a flower close-up, you will understand that flora is basically nature’s porn. Goot plays with this, drawing us in with magnified petal prints, sometimes blowing them up and effecting them to the point of abstraction.

The futurism infused shapes and silhouettes are really clever. There are lots of Goot’s hallmark bodycon dresses as well as accentuated shoulders, giving a Tron Legacy feel to all the floral femininity. What’s really important though is his implementation of cell-plate paneling, which acknowledges and accentuates the fact that girls have breasts and hips to varying extents and that this is okay. The tulip skirt is, in addition, a technical feat. We want to touch it.

The collection is so visually striking one might assume it possess hallucinatory properties if stared at for too long. Take a bow sir, this is what excites us about Australian fashion.

Words By Ingrid Kesa