Those Baker Boy Hats Are The Worst But They’re Definitely Trending

You know how sometimes something comes into fashion that is just… the worst? Like for no logical reason the sight of the trend really rustles up your jimmies quite considerably, to the point where you actually make that “poo under your nose” face without even knowing it?

That is me with the fucking baker boy hat trend.

Why. Are. We. Doing. This. Have we not learnt? Remember when we wore belts around fitted t-shirts? Wore dresses over bootleg jeans? Thought kitten heels were a good idea? (I know they’re meant to be coming back in. I choose to live in denial because NO.)

Well this is all of that, again.

You know who is coming at this trend with the subtlety of a brick through a window, is Bella bloody Hadid.

She looooooves a baker boy hat. Loves them! Can’t get enough. Here she is in a stupid red one.

Like honestly what the actual hell and also fuck. You look like The Fat Controller from Thomas The Tank Engine except not a portly middle-aged man and also you AREN’T DRIVING A TRAIN YOU ARE JUST DOING NOTHING REMOTELY LOCOMOTIVE RELATED AT ALL.

This is Camille Charriere. She’s one of my favourite French fashion bloggers but now I must unfollow her. She’s hurt me in the soul region with this abomination.

They also ruin perfectly good outfits. Literally what is going on here, Chiara Ferragni.

Stop. Don’t. Horrific. Rip that off your head and burn it.


Clearly it’s a trend and it’s not going anywhere fast. Also let’s acknowledge I’m not Anna Wintour and therefore you can all completely ignore me if you like (but also you shouldn’t ignore me, I’m right).

But look, if you like it, who am I to stand in the way of your individual expression. ASOS has a lot of them, if you’re in the market for one of your own.

Fashion, you monster.