PEDESTRIAN.TV has teamed up with John Frieda to sort out your demanding locks.

As a human with curly, frizzy, dry hair that falls out constantly, I can safely say I did not win the genetic lottery when it comes to my mop. Where some folks can step out of the shower and let their hair air-dry to perfection, I spend approximately eleven years trying to tame it from looking like a cat-vom hairball to something remotely presentable.

Safe to say I’ve had my fair share of trial and error trying to turn my hair from lacking love to lush locks. I even whacked my details into this lil’ generator from hair champs John Frieda to see what in the actual heck is wrong with my strands (turns out they’re a frizzy, dry mess! Who knew!).

So I’ve now got a pretty solid understanding of how to combat most of your average bad hair day problems. Here’s how you can transform your hair from a demanding bundle of strands to the luscious locks that you know you deserve.

Super dry, feels-like-literal-straw hair

If your locks are dry enough that you could conceivably start a fire any time you whip your hair back and forth (note: if that is the case, do not do so please), then you’ll want to get some moisture into those strands ASAP. Whether that’s by using a hydrating hair masque or by doing regular treatments (we’d opt for a weekly overnight hydrating treatment, just to keep it healthy).

Oh and if you have curls like mine, you probably also cop the frizz something severe too. This is a massive pain when you’ve woken up late in the morning and have somehow grown an extra inch in height because the frizz has your hair reaching new levels of shaggy volume. Whack on something like the Lemon Miracle Masque for a lil’ treat to keep it in good nick (plus it’s extra good if your hair is damaged from being coloured or treated).

not cute tbh

Brassy, where-did-your-blonde-go hair

Whether you’re dealing with the dreaded regrowth or all your locks just seem to fade quickly after being coloured into something fabulous, fading hair colour is the bane of so many people’s existence. One of our Senior Creative Project Managers, Mel, has had almost every colour under the sun and is definitely not on board with hair fade.

“I have to dye it again and again, it never goes back to the same colour you wanted it to, and it can be really damaging if you don’t treat it properly,” she said.

So how do you transform it? Use a Colour Renew shampoo and conditioner (preferably one suited to your exact hair colour – blondes, you don’t want no brassiness), and try to reduce the heat styling as much as possible.

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This is blonde hair goals tbh

Flat, looks-like-you’re-wearing-a-helmet hair

If in your world volume is only a setting on the television, you’re probably stuck with a mane that feels some serious gravity. Maybe you’ve lusted after the height and pouf of the eighties, or tried teasing your hair mercilessly to get it to add some bounce (which is not doing your poor hair any good, FYI).

But look, when it comes to getting extra volume then products are your friends. Incorporate some blow-dry solution into your haircare routine, and dry your hair upside down – trust me when I say that you’ll see some uplift almost immediately. Volumising shampoos and conditioners will also help to train your locks over time, instead of products that weigh the hair down (something like the Luxurious Core Restore shampoo can get ’em in order).

When it comes down to it, you just gotta figure out WTF to do with your problem strands —and it turns out it doesn’t matter which demand your hair makes of you, there’s a way to make it work.

Whether you need to grab a frizz ease solution or something to keep those blonde strands light, have a peep at the John Frieda line to grab the right product for your mane and look after your locks, folks.

Image: John Frieda