Bad Advice From The Comebacks To Drugs Video

The Year 8 kids in the (annoyingly non-embeddable) Comebacks To Drugs video, currently making the rounds of the internet for being unintentionally hilarious, have some excellent advice, which generally and positively amounts to “Say NO To Drugs”. That said, in their quest to dissuade you from illicit substances like weed, pot, drugs and pills, they inadvertently give some advice which could be just as detrimental to your health and wellbeing. As a public safety message, if you’ve watched the Comebacks To Drugs video, we strongly advise you to take heed of the following:

1. Don’t buy a car at age 14. It’s a crippling financial commitment, requires a steady income, and if you default on your loan it could ruin your credit rating for decades to come.

2. Don’t hand your laptop over to drug dealers so they can “have a go”. They will not just have a go and give it back. They will probably steal your laptop.

3. Be careful when swimming in rivers, lakes and other unsupervised freshwater locations. Rocks can slippery and water conditions can change rapidly. Always check water levels and for submerged debris before jumping from height.

4. Don’t tell this guy that his pool shot was “good”. It was not very good.