The British backpacker currently recovering in hospital following weeks of horrific abuse and captivity in Queensland also had her images stolen for use in a fake sex work advertisement, the Daily Telegraph reports. 

In an exclusive piece, the paper claims that police have uncovered evidence suggesting pictures were taken from the 22-year-old’s own Facebook page to advertise extreme sex work services in the Cairns area. 

Police do not believe the theft of the woman’s images is related to her terrifying ordeal, in which she was physically and sexually abused over a weeks-long period. Authorities intend to charge a second, unrelated person over the exploitative publication of her images online. 

Senior Constable Dave Harper of Roma Police said he had spoken to individuals who “corroborate her version” of events regarding the advertisements, meaning it’s highly unlikely the woman was engaging in such work during her stay. 

Harper also pointed to another inconsistency in the advertisements, saying “the phone number [on the website] wasn’t hers. It has no association with her whatsoever.” 

That development comes as police revealed more details regarding the circumstances leading up to the woman’s rescue on March 5. 

Authorities claim the 22-year-old man allegedly responsible for multiple rapes and a spate of physical abuse against the woman broke her phone, tore up her passport, and threatened to harm her family as means of control during the ordeal.

The man remains in custody.

Source: The Daily Telegraph.
Photo: The Today Show / Twitter.

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