The fashion industry’s bloody competitive, especially when every bartender in Sydney reckons they’ve got some groundbreaking T-shirt design in the works. (There’s nothing game-changing about a scoop neck, mate.)

Landing a major stockist, however, is a big-ass win and a sure-fire way to be recognised as a brand. This is the reality for Sydney-based Lisa Hyde, who you might remember as the runner-up on Blake Garvey‘s season of The Bachelor alongside Sam Frost. Starting next Monday, April 24, her brainchild and sunglasses brand Shevoke will be stocked at one of Australia‘s leading retailers, General Pants Co. NBD.

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Since leaving Bachie mansion in 2014, Lisa has garnered over 139,000 followers on her personal Instagram and over 58,000 on Shevoke’s Instagram account, which has tremendously helped in landing the retailer’s attention. Also, the cross-promotions with mates and fellow Insta-famous peeps like Aisha Jade, Tegan Martin and Lisa Clark definitely don’t hurt, as well as a cult influencer following across the board.


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Having appeared on The Bachelor really did help create the awareness to the brand. I’ve been able to share Shevoke on my social media accounts and get it out not only in Australia, however internationally,” she told PEDESTRIAN.TV. “I am off to Miami Swim Week in July where i’ll be showcasing the newest range to some of the United States‘ biggest online stores.

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Crazily enough, it was only three years ago you could find Lisa selling the stock every weekend at Southport markets in Brisbane, her hometown, and even she admits it’s all moving faster than maybe she was prepared for.

“Already we have outgrown our current warehouse – there are boxes and sunglasses everywhere. I’m currently hiring and looking for a bigger warehouse.”

The 30-year-old was actually so busy and overwhelmed with customer demand that she almost cooked the General Pants Co opportunity entirely.

“One of the GP buyers contacted me through email and I was so overwhelmed with orders at the time that I missed the email,” she told us. “Luckily a friend introduced me to Jaynee (GP Buyer) at a festival and we were able to chat about the potential collaboration and yes, I felt like an absolutely idiot for missing her email.” 

Lesson learned here? There’s a silver lining when a douche-lord breaks up with you on national television, and, of course, that hauling ass pays the heck off.

Shevoke will hit GP stores (Bondi, Melbourne Central, Mid City Store, Miranda, Pacific Fair and Miranda) on Monday April 24, as well as online.

Photos: Channel Ten.