Automatic Safety System Planned For Melb CBD In Wake Of Bourke St Attack

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews is working with the government, Victoria Police and Melbourne Mayor Robert Doyle to introduce a number of new safety measures to protect Melburnians from events like the tragic car attack in January that killed six. 
Mr Andrews told the media that the new safety measures being considered include:
“Everything from bollards, planter boxes – these sort of permanent things – but with a technological angle, so bollards that can come up and down when needed, controlled from a central point … then of course sirens and other warning devices, they’re being looked at very closely as well.

“It may well be a very effective way of making sure in the event people need to take cover and need to take evasive action.”
While the safety upgrades to the CBD might cost the government more than $10 million, the premier said he is committed to making Victorians feel safe in their cities – and to honouring the people who lost their lives in January.

“Bourke Street calls us to make changes in honour of the memory of those who died and to honour the sacrifice and the service of so many who came to their aid.

“The world is changing, it is a different environment today than it was even five or 10 years ago and we need to respond to events that have happened on the other side of the world, and tragically events like Bourke Street.”

Source: ABC.
Image: Wayne Taylor / Getty.