Australia’s Next Top Model Post-Elimination Interview: Rhiannon

Recently-ousted Brisbane-based student Rhiannon Bradshaw was one of Australia’s Next Top Model’s more refreshing contenders. Smart, striking and self-aware, we caught up with RhiRhi to talk shop, life lessons learned and not taking the bait from producers, life too seriously or shit from anyone. 

What inspired you to enter the competition? Have you always wanted to model?

People have always told me that I should be a model because I’m naturally skinny. I tried out last season as well, when I was 16 years old. It wasn’t like a huge thing for me so the fact that it happened made me realize that I can do it and that I want to do it now.

What was the biggest challenge you encountered during your time on the show?

I think the hardest thing was being told to be something I wasn’t. The whole time I just wanted to be myself and everyone was like ‘You have this attitude’ but I didn’t really, it’s just the way that its been portrayed and I think people have understood me the wrong way. I don’t have an attitude at all. I’m really chilled out and I just wanted to have fun with the entire experience and some people didn’t understand that. I didn’t want to change who I was to be that kind of cookie cutter, bubbly model. You know, running around with all these sixteen year old girls and screaming all the time. It might be entertaining for ten minutes but it’s not me. To an extent, it’s a maturity thing. It’s also like, how I said, I’ve had more life experience; I’ve travelled all over the world, I’ve lived in London for a year and I’ve been through a lot with school and my parents so I do have life experience and its made me a better person and made me learn not to take shit from anyone and just be myself.

Did you think the show was an accurate reflection of the challenges of the modelling work; especially considering some of the lessons, like the fitness obstacle course or etiquette class?

I mean, I said in last night’s episode that I didn’t take the lessons and challenges as seriously as the photo shoot because what the industry is like – it’s the photo shoot and not these silly little things on the side. I didn’t take them as seriously because it comes down to the photo when they’re judging you during the eliminations.

Do you still want to pursue modelling, or work in another aspect of the industry?

Yeah, of course! I’m definitely interested in doing it now, as I said it made me realize that I can do it just by making it onto the show. I loved the shoots and I’d love to do more runway as I think my look is more suited to that. I don’t know if I can do commercial stuff, so we’ll see what happens!

Who do you think should win the competition?

I really would like Abbie to win, she has that quintessential Australian model look. But I think for more high fashion work then Shanali would be really good at that. But it depends, it’s an Australian market as well and you have to consider what is going to be successful in Australia and I think that’s maybe why I wasn’t as successful because perhaps I’m not as suited to the that market. So I think either Abbie or Shanali.

Did you have a favourite judge or mentor?

Everyone says it, but Charlotte. She’s really like no bullshit, you see is what you get with her and that’s what I like so, and just her story is really inspiring. Didier was a good judge as well but he kind of seemed like – it wasn’t as much of a mentor role, rather just a judge role.

What’s the biggest thing you’ve taken away from the competition, either about the industry or yourself?

I think it just reiterated the fact that I shouldn’t compromise my personality or myself. People are going to judge me no matter what I do.

Do you keep in touch with any of the girls? Was there anyone in particular that you can see yourself staying in touch with for a long time?

Yeah, we all talk everyday, Taylah especially. We have a secret little Facebook group called ‘ANTM’. It’s good so we can link each other to stuff that we’ve seen about the show.

Are you still studying?

Yeah I’ve deferred for the rest of the year to be able to take on any other opportunities I might get but I’m hoping to get back into that next year because I’ve only got a year left. I’m studying a Bachelor of Business majoring in marketing and event management. So it’s good, it’s really fun to be working in the same sort of industry and meeting people through the show.

Your bio says you’ll do whatever it takes to become a model. What’s the one thing you wouldn’t do?

I wouldn’t go behind someone’s back and lie about them. I mean even on the show I didn’t talk about anyone behind their backs and the producers would be like “Oh, they’re saying stuff about you.” And I’m like I don’t care, I’m not going to ruin my reputation and lower myself. I’m not going to compromise my own values – that’s not me. Some people love it; I just don’t bother with it. Someone asked me once ‘Would you physically step on another model’s toes?’ I’m not going to lower myself to that bitchy level.

What’s your dream job? Where do you see yourself in five years?

Modelling, obviously. [Laughs] I just want to be walking in fashion week, going to every fashion week and walking in like ten shows. I love it. I love being busy.

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