Feel like throwing down some cash for stolen designer jewellery? Well, the Australian Federal Police are currently holding a wild online auction of just that.

Yep, you can cop Cartier love bangles, Rolexes and more – it’s all stuff that was originally purchased with money made from illegal activity, and I guess they couldn’t return it or whatever so here it is! Ready for your closet!

Here are some of the items currently on sale:

Cartier Love Bangle
Rolex DateJust Mens Watch

All proceeds go toward the Commonwealth of Australia, and there will be a LOT of proceeds. Yep, unfortunately most of the heavy-hitters are at huge prices already, as people cash in on discounted designer gear.

But there are some still running under the $500 mark, and hey – it’s all been authenticated by gemologists and certified diamond graders, so it’s legit stuff. Kinda expect it to go for big prices, tbh.

The auction is running until Sunday 17th May at 8pm, and you can check it all out (and bid, moneybags) here.