Aussie Woman Finds Huge Fuck-Off Brown Snake Low Key Chillin’ In Her Uggies

Ah, Australia. A truly beautiful sunburned country, filled with stunning beaches, delightfully laidback people, and a glorious mish-mash of cultures. 
Oh, and snakes. Heaps and heaps of fucking huge, terrifying snakes. 
One woman from South Australia has been reminded of this, after he went to put on her ugg boot, and found a little friend cuddling up inside. 
Look at him, he’s poking his lil’ head out at the top there. Y’know… just in case… someone was to… by chance… dip their delicious, tasty tootsie in there. 
Optimum strike possie – cheeky bugger.
The manager of Snake Catchers Adelaide, Rolly Burrelltold ABC that the Moana woman was collecting her boots from outside when she realised she had a passenger.
Burrell said that winter had been really bloody cold, so “everything wants to come out”.
“They’ll all be pretty hungry at the moment after hibernating. They’ve missed out on a month of roaming and mating.

It’s nearly the end of September. Once we start getting some warm days, it’s going to go off with a bang.”
Hmmmmmmm. Nah. 
Source: Facebook / ABC.
Photo: Snake Catchers Adelaide.