Teens are influential now, apparently. I don’t mean in the sense that teens have always been at the forefront of counterculture. I mean in the sense that there are teens who are amassing trillions of Vine followers and making seven-figure incomes while I try to pick muffin crumbs out of my shirt while spree-watching Luke Cage.

TIME, who are still respected for their lists decreeing the most influential people on the planet, have dropped their list of The 30 Most Influential Teens of 2016, and it is a strong collection of people under 20 who are unfortunately dramatically more successful than you are.
One Aussie entry caught our eye: Ben Pasternak, the high-school drop out and Generation Z tech whiz kid who is the founder and CEO of Flogg, a simple marketplace app which works kinda like a Tinder for selling stuff you don’t need.
He’s clearly a bit chuffed by it:

Pasternak, who is 17, now lives and works on Flogg in New York, which is incredible for an app he built while back in Sydney. You can feel the fingerprints of Flogg in something like Facebook Marketplace, which is ironic given that he built the app because Facebook was no good at facilitating that kind of person-to-person purchase.
He’s already “secured millions in seed-stage funding from major venture firms like Greylock and Binary Capitalaccording to TIME, and earlier profiles indicated that he’s received mountains of offers from tech stalwarts like Apple and Google.
There ya go. Some teens are killing it.
Source: TIME.
Photo: Instagram.