Aussie Boys Done Good: SurfStitch Now Worth $500M, Bigger Than Billabong

Two lads from Sydney’s northern beaches have made good. Real good. Half a billion dollars good. 
SurfStitch have made themselves dang-near impossible to look past when nabbing some threads online, but after a series of v. savvy pickups, head honchos Lex Pedersen and Justin Cameron have just barrelled their company into a fat $511m valuation. 
Let’s take a moment to put that into real terms: they’re now worth more than the surf brand, former stake-holders Billabong. BILLABONG. 
SMH report that after taking up fin-makers Surf Hardware International, surf site Magicseaweed and mag Stab, the company has apparently found the magic formula to getting your sweet, sweet surf dollars. 
They bought out Billabong’s stake, took the company public and hey presto: Australia pretty much owns the online surf industry.
Cameron is so stoked on the brand that they’ve decided the interwebs just can’t hold ’em in any more, and he says a series of flagship brick-and-mortar stores are in the pipeline. 
Read: get ready for another new/old way to ritually sacrifice your wallet for our Aussie surf-gear overlords.
Story via Fairfax
Image via Twitter.