Aus Govt Issues Terrorism Warning For Anzac Day Travellers To Gallipoli

The Australian government has issued updated travel advice for anyone planning on making the trip to Gallipoli for this year’s Anzac Day commemorations, after receiving information suggesting that the event may be a target for terrorist attacks. 
While the overall level of advice for visiting Turkey and the Gallipoli peninsula hasn’t changed from “exercise a high degree of caution“, a new warning has been added to address the likelihood of terrorism. The new advice reads in part:
“There is information which suggests terrorists make seek to target Anzac Day commemorations on the Gallipoli Peninsula. Turkish authorities are aware of this information and traditionally provide a high level of protective security around Anzac Day commemorations on the peninsula.

“The level of our advice for the Gallipoli region remains unchanged. We continue to advise you to reconsider your need to travel to Ankara and Istanbul because of the high threat of terrorist attack.”
Veterans Affairs Minister Dan Tehan spoke to the media today about the update.

“Unfortunately, in the current global environment, major events attract threats of varying degrees.

“Regrettably, Anzac Day is not immune.”
Australian Federal Police deputy commissioner Mike Phelan said that the AFP had been working with Turkish authorities, but would not go into detail about the information they’d received. 
“We do understand that the information suggests that terrorists may attack the peninsula. It is nothing more specific than that.”
Last year a Sydney teen was arrested for planning a terrorist attack on the city’s Anzac Day commemorations. 
The Anzac Day events at Gallipoli are still scheduled to go ahead as planned.
Source: Daily Telegraph.
Image: Anadolu Agency / Getty.