ATTN MELB POOCHES: A Gourmet ‘Wellness’ Dog Food Truck Is Opening Tomorrow

You can tell how monstrously advanced Melbourne‘s food truck game is by the fact that the city’s very first goddamn GOURMET DOG FOOD TRUCK is officially launching tomorrow. While Sydney struggles to get one goddamn good burrito track, Melbourne is rubbing it in our damn faces with some gourmet raw food for dogs nonsense. It’s criminal!

The Canine Wellness Kitchen offers artisanal canine delights like cow hoof, shark cartilage, lamb lungs and beef achilles knot tendons, none of which I would even treat MYSELF to let alone my pup. But I’m a mi goreng with bits of sausage in it kind of budget eater. So to each their own.
It even offers a ‘beer’, named Freddie’s Froth, which is actually some kind of bone broth concoction. I would prefer a regular beer, personally, but I guess you can’t actually give an ice cold frostie to a dog. It’s probably illegal.
“The idea [behind the dog food truck] is, you come to the truck, buy yourself a meal and a beer and the dog can enjoy the same food as what you’re eating.” co-founder Katie Crandon? told The Age.
There ya go. If you live in Melbs and feel like spoiling your dog rotten, it’s launching at the Hank Marvin Markets in St Kilda at 9am tomorrow.
Source: Facebook.
Photo: The Simpsons.