ASOS Is Selling $12 Faux Headphones As A Fashion Accessory, So There’s That

I’ve found it. I have found the dumbest fashion trend on the internet.

Are you ready for it?

No, really. Are you ready for it?

Faux AirPods. FauxPods, if you will.

For a measly $12, you can snap up your very own faux headphone ear piece in silver tone. Compared to the $249 a pair of real AirPods will set you back, this is a bargain. If you’re not quite rich enough to afford the real deal, but you’re far too fancy for regular wired headphones, ASOS has got you covered with the accessory absolutely nobody asked for.

Granted, the faux headphone doesn’t actually play music, or do *checks notes* anything, but it sure makes you look like a weirdo with a fake headphone in your ear.

I have a few questions.

Firstly, why? Did they buy a bunch of faulty headphones by accident and try to sling them off as *fashion*? Are these the latest fashion trend I’m going to fall for? Do I need one? Two?

Also, I would like to know exactly how many of these have sold so far, and I would like to speak to anyone who has purchased them.

Made of 100% Zinc, this shiny ear candy looks like a monopoly piece on its own, but in your ear it makes you look like a super-important person on a *business* call.

ASOS are renowned for bringing out some truly fucked creations from time to time, from the sheer, nude full-body catsuit to this “belt” that is literally just the top of a pair of jeans. So I guess the faux headphone probably isn’t the weirdest thing we’ve seen ASOS release.

asos denim belt

Unsurprisingly, the faux headphones got absolutely roasted on Twitter.