If you had to go to a  costume party dressed up as Ariana Grande, you would hone in on her most iconic features. And, while the singer is famous for her love of slouchy jumper dresses, if we had to isolate her most distinctive feature, it’s undoubtedly her super high ponytail.

As you might’ve guessed, a ponytail that long and perfect isn’t quite a #wokeuplikethis look. In fact, Ariana’s hair stylist, Chris Appleton, has previously revealed that the iconic look requires a lot of time and more than a few extensions to master.

Now Ariana has taken to social media to share a piece of rare footage with fans, minus her signature ponytail.

Anyone who’s obsessed with Ariana knows that this is bloody HUGE. Anyway, check out the clip in question here:

I don’t know about you but I had no idea that her hair was actually a cute little lob and, honestly, I absolutely love it. In fact, this hairstyle is one of the most highly sought after trends among fashion girls for 2019, and Ari’s had it all along.

The candid clip comes just hours after Ariana took to Twitter to comment on a childhood picture that went viral, pointing out that her hair is still very much the same now as it was back then:

“if i’m honest ….. this is still exactly what i look like without lashes and my pony,” wrote Ariana.

“….anyone who knows me knows me knows ….. like …. I’m twenty five. i was five here. the only difference now is that hand now says bbq grill finger.”

Maybe this was her way of following up with fans by proving that, despite what many think, her hair isn’t superhumanly thick or long? Granted, we might not have believed her hair was 100% natural, but it’s nice to be reminded that, just like us, even celebrities use extensions sometimes.
Image: Getty Images / [Kevin Mazur]