Queen Of Comfort Anna Faris Rocked Ugg Boots To Officiate Mate’s Wedding

Knowing what’s appropriate to wear to a wedding is tricky, but there are some obvious no-nos.

Keep sequins to a respectful minimum. Leave your TNs at home. Never wear white.

While these rules seem simple enough to follow, there’s always one guest who wears something wildly inappropriate.

In a best case scenario, this etiquette-ignoring ignoramus will be a strange aunt you can relegate to the back of photos. Worst, it’s your bloody officiant.

Scary Movie actress and host of relationship podcast Unqualified, Anna Faris, just officiated her co-host mate Sim Sarna‘s wedding, and we need to discuss her footwear choice.

In this gallery uploaded to Instagram a wee 4 hours ago, Faris is seen wearing the ultimate I Have Given Up shoe – the ugg boot.

The typically home-bound boots in question are light tan in colour and (thankfully) devoid of any furry embellishments. But they’re still freaking ugg boots! At a wedding!

 putting one foot behind the other don’t make them any less visible

Ugg boots say I’m hungover and I’m running down to the servo to pick up a blue Gatorade followed by a pitstop at KFC for a family bucket with extra gravy please and thanks, not holy matrimony.

But maybe this long-held bogan reputation is purely an Australian thing? We read the comments to find out if our bewilderment is shared.

That said, many ‘grammers applauded Faris’ choice.

The main thing is, not the bride nor the groom seem fussed about Faris’ footwear; they just look chuffed their mate is a part of their special day.

Who knows? Maybe this will have a ripple effect and help redefine stuffy dress codes for good, meaning we’ll all finally be let into the pub wearing pluggers this summer. One can dream.