Androgynous Aussie Andrej Pejic For Marc Jacobs

Last year was a huge one for transvestism in the fashion world, and Serbian-born Australian model Andrej Pejic has become the face of the movement. The man is beautiful: amazing full lips, long blond hair, strong eyebrows, and a more slender frame than the majority of male models. His stunning aesthetics are provoking the envy of girls everywhere and more uncomfortable confusion amongst straight dudes since the days of Taylor Hanson. His profile has been steadily rising over the last 12 months, but landing the Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring 2011 campaign will land him even more attention. The ads were shot by legendary lens man Juergen Teller in Marrakech alongside look-alike Latvian (female) model Ginta Lapina.

Here’s the first look at the campaign, featuring a more masculine incarnation of Pejic. How great to see a new Australian face leading the pack and pushing the envelope on the conventions of beauty.

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