Yay, and God said to Abraham, “When it is time to party, thou shalt always party hard.” And there was much rejoicing, for it was good.

‘Course in this instance the role of “God” is being played by the blessed man Andrew WK, the most holy person on the planet and a shining golden beacon to the benefits of living a life that follows the teachings of positive partying.

The man who rocks so thoroughly and implores us to love each other and enjoy ourselves has many strings to his bow: musician, TV host, surprisingly great advice column writer, and motivational speaker chief among them.

Apparently “app mogul” is about to become the latest business card in the deck, if today’s development is anything to go by.

Andrew WK is taking his weaponised positivity and condensing it down into a very simple app in which average everyday punters, like you or me, can re-create the fairly iconic album art for his breakthrough album ‘I Get Wet.’

The Bloody Nose App is fairly goods-as-advertised: Take a photo, superimpose some gushing bloody onto your schnozz, party till you puke. AWK’s shockwaves of positivity fairly rocket through the ole veins when you view the finished product, so maybe make sure you’ve got enough space to bust out a spontaneous spin kick of joy before downloading.

The app is available on the usual app store places right now, and you should be getting involved because what else have you got to lose in this crazy work-a-day world?

And now, for no other discernible reason than “we’re vaguely on the topic,” please to enjoy this array of recent party tips, taken from Andrew WK’s Hall Of Fame-worthy Twitter feed.

We are not worthy of a human being so pure.

Andrew WK Releases App That’ll Make You Party So Hard Your Nose Will Bleed

Source: Pitchfork.

Photo: Neilson Barnard/Getty.