And We Shall Swathe Our Unborn Daughters In Karen Walker For Uniqlo

Karen Walker provides a compelling reason to procreate by teaming up with Japanese retail giant Uniqlo for this aww-inducing kidswear range inspired by bookish child prodigy types. Oh yes, all in on that Margot Tenenbaum tip.

“We drew inspiration from the look of Karen Walker collections and with a
little help from my five year old, Valentina, we picked out some of our
beloved signature styles, such as frill hem sweatshirt dresses and boat
pants, and restyled them for kids,”
Walker said. “We then added plenty of fun new
prints including super-cute maths grid biro doodles of flowers, a
trumpet and of course, the Karen Walker Bunny.”

All together now: awwww.

The range, KW2 by KAREN WALKER, will be available for purchase in April.