An Alt-Right Twitter’s Attempt At Trolling Is A Huge Glorious Meme Now

The iconic musical ‘RENT‘ asked us one simple question: how do you measure – measure a year?

Well today, it’s become clear that ‘memes’ have surpassed the far inferior ‘calendar’ as a measurement of time. January 2017 gave us Salt Bae, February was Cash Me Ousside, and March will forever be known as ‘This is the future that liberals want‘. (On a personal note, I’m particularly pleased about that because it’s my birthday in March and this meme rules.)

So. What is it? What’s our new meme?

A far-right Twitter account – the sort that posts about libcucks and snowflakes while furiously masturbating to Trump speeches – posted a picture of two people calmly sitting on a subway.

“This is the future that liberals want,”
 the tweet said, and by ‘liberals’ they mean the lowercase ‘l’ of cool, non-bigoted folk, not the uppercase ‘L’ of the uncool, wildly bigoted Liberal Party of Australia.

It appears that the Twitter account, @polNewsNetwork, were trying to make a point. But of course, it spectacularly backfired and now we have both a new meme AND a collection of rad photos on the internet.

So what we’re trying to say is, thank you @polNewsNetwork.

Of course, it wasn’t all memes. Some people were just genuinely stoked to have their vision of the future so cleanly mapped out.

Photo: /pol/ News Network / Twitter.