Amy Poehler Fkn Finally Wins An Emmy After A Whopping 17 Nominations

Amy Poehler is basically the Susan Lucci of the modern age of television – always the Emmy nominee, never the Emmy winner. 
While Lucci got to 19 nominations before she finally won, Poehler’s not far off: the talented comedian got up at 17 nominations before finally being able to hold one of those shiny gold statues. 
But yay – she’s finally doggone done it!
At the Creative Arts Emmys, she and Tina Fey shared the Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series award for their recent appearance on Saturday Night Live
Poehler has spoken about her feelings towards being nominated for these prestigious awards but never winning, in her 2014 memoir ‘Yes Please’:
“Getting nominated for an award is very exciting. Anyone who says it is not is either lying or on a very strong beta blocker.”

The worst part of being nominated for any award is that despite your best efforts, you start to want the pudding.

To combat this, I decided to distract myself in that awkward and vulnerable moment the ‘winner’ was announced. I decided to focus my attention on something I could control. Bits! Bits! Bits!”
She would do a ‘bit’ to distract herself from the winner announcement, and be doing something hilarious when the camera would flick to her to show her reaction. These included:
– Getting a boxing-esque coach massage from Bono
– Ignoring it completely and snoozing behind a hoodie and sunglasses.
– And lastly, the shady *eats popcorn* power-move. 
Poehler was nominated for an Emmy six times for her role in ‘Parks & Recreation‘ – co-creator of the show Michael Schur said in 2015 that it was a tragedy that she’d never won:
“It’s one of the great Hollywood tragedies that she hasn’t won an Emmy yet.

I watched this happen with Steve Carell — it’s a very similar thing — and I think the world just thinks that she’s won. She’s been an active part of the Emmy ceremony for years and years. I think people have a picture in their minds of her on a stage in a nice dress and are like, oh, she’s won three times. 

No one can do what she did better than she did it.”
Source: EW
Photo: Ilya S. Savenok / Getty.