American Apparel’s CEO Sued For Sex Slavery

Dov Charney, the CEO of lycra laden fashion label American Apparel is no stranger to being the subject of outrageous news headlines, having previously been accused of public masturbation and the ‘exploitation’ of Woody Allen in a advertising campaign. He is now facing another serious accusation after being sued for $250 million by a former employee for a sexual assault charge, specifically SEX SLAVERY.

Like something out of a gross episode of Criminal Minds, Charney is alleged to have demanded that 17-year-old retail employee, Irene Morales, describe incidents in her sexual history, send him explicit photos and suggest she have sex with him upon turning 18 if she wished to advance within the company. According to reports Morales – who is now 20 – was invited to Charney’s apartment on her 18th birthday where it’s alleged he forced Morales to perform various sexual acts on him whilst being “held prisoner” in the apartment for several hours. Morale’s layer, Eric Baum, says the forced sex lasted eight months until his client resigned after suffering psychiatric distress and being hospitalised for a nervous breakdown.

In response to these controversial charges against Charney, American Apparel has issued a statement denying such accusations and announced “the company intends to file a formal complaint with the NY state bar seeking disciplinary action against [the employee’s] lawyers who we believe are engaged in an illegal conspiracy to extort money from American Apparel.”

Whether Dov is guilty or not, once you’ve shared headlines with Josef Fritzl your personal brand is tarnished.

Written By Jess Glass

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