American Apparel Employees Beat A Piñata Doppelgänger Of Their CEO

Just over a year ago celebrated perv Dov Charney was fired from the company he founded back in 1989 off the back of a ‘racy’ tee; all were Made in USA to epitomise his own brand of joie de vivre and ‘no fuggos allowed‘ outlook on life.

For anyone not following on, the company itself is now slowly and seductively imploding, with talks of a possible bankruptcy claim never far from the gently parted lips of those in the know.

As such, newly appointed CEO Paula Schneider – who was brought on after Dov was shoved out and apparently has it written into her contract that she gets a large payout even if she can’t put the flailing company to rights – is not having a great time.

The aforementioned effigy of Schneider, which was sporting an orange Hermès Birkin to represent “one of her first purchases after landing the plum job of CEO,” was made in a sweatshop-free environment in Downtown LA, where they are now protesting not being paid fair wages and benefits.

According to the video: “Paula has yet to fulfill her promise of paying all AA garment workers their annual Christmas bonus from 2014. Workers have also experienced a 50% loss in wages, loss in benefits, continued work furloughs , and have seen their work farmed out to sweatshops outside of AA.” Some members of the group responsible ‘Workers Together Save American Apparel‘ can be seen rocking ‘IDOV‘ tees and ‘DOV WOULDN’T LET THIS HAPPEN TO US‘ signs.

After the many complaints against Charney the hope was that his ousting would mark the beginning of a new and more prosperous era for AA. But instead, they got piñatas and protests.

For us mere consumers: the time has now come to hope for the best, prepare for the worst, and stock up on pastel fanny packs.

Title image via Photoshop.