I may be in no way engaged, but I’m not even embarrassed to admit – unless you are the person I am dating – that I know my way around engagement rings and have 100% picked out the one I want. Don’t even judge me. From my place of extreme knowledge, I can tell you that the standard diamonds are lovely and all but there are so many other fire options that’ll stand out from the crowd.

To prove my point, and to get paid to scroll through engagement rings as I would in my spare time anyway, here are my personal faves for diamond alternatives. You’re welcome.

Salt And Pepper

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This 1.5ct gray diamond set in 14kt white gold has the most amazing speckles, which are called “pepper” inside the diamond. The texture it adds makes it very unique. It’s one of a kind. I won’t ever be able to get a stone like this one again. The turquoise adds a pop of color but draws you back to the center stone. The turquoise pear shape stones taper off into 2 two beautiful accent diamonds. This ring is perfect for a free spirit who enjoys interesting and non-traditional treasures while still paying homage to the true root of all good things. This setting is exclusive to @king_and_curated by @duendejewelry. Want this setting with your choice of stones and gold type? Reach out to us to customize your own ring today. Photo taken by the talented @aliciakingphoto

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Yes, they’re still diamonds. But ever since my friend just got engagement and showed me the salt and pepper diamond she was about to turn into her engagement ring I have been OBSESSED. The soft colouring was so ridiculously pretty I can’t stop thinking about it. Apparently, you should shop around to find the tone that you want, because they can REALLY vary from almost clear to almost black.


If anyone wanted to know, this is my choice. Seriously, someone just buy me this ring, I won’t even make you marry me. Pearls are timeless, elegant and always in style – if I do say so myself. Black pearls would also be bomb but I know I’d make a Pirates Of The Caribbean joke literally every day.


If a blue stone is good enough for the epic love story that is Titanic, it’s good enough for literally every romance ever. Sapphire is just about the only stone that’s naturally a deep, rich blue rather than just heavily died to be that way. If you’re going to do it, may as well do it right.

Birth Stone

The idea of getting an engagement ring with your birthstone seems kind of adorable to me. Or a mix of both your birthstones! Cuuute and personal. Of course this idea falls down if you happen to hate your birthstone, like me. No thank you, emerald.


The best thing about opals, to me, is how many different shades and colours they come in. Plus the shininess. Double plus the fact they’re Aussie natives. Just think how it’ll catch the light when you pose for that ‘omg I totally said yes’ post you’re going to do.

Black Diamond

Another diamond, because before I knew salt and pepper diamonds were a thing this was my number one option. The one above is particularly cool to me. It’s a statement, it’s got a bit of attitude, but it’s still gorgeous. It also looks awesome accompanied by smaller black diamonds in the band, which is a bonus to me.


Knock off that ‘something old’ requirement right from the get-go with a vintage ring. The cooler the story behind it, the better. Plus it’s a ring that has already lasted the ages, so I can only imagine that’s a good symbol for your impending marriage.


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A nice little inclusion from my very hippie, crystal collecting friend’s list of faves: the turquoise ring. If you’re also a person into crystals, you’ll probably already know this one is meant to bring you health, protection and wisdom. If you’re not, then you’ll just know it’s an extremely eye-catching stone to bling up your finger.

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