Alleged Attacker Of Melb Rape Victim Was Freed On Bail 24 Hrs Earlier

More details have emerged during a court hearing regarding the horrifying rape that allegedly took place in Melbourne on Thursday, when a woman was attacked after her fellow tram passengers ignored her pleas for help. 
It’s alleged that the woman, a 22-year-old tourist from interstate, was raped repeatedly outside St Vincent’s Hospital after being followed off the tram. 
Her alleged attacker, 49-year-old Jamie Macarthur, had been released on bail less than 24 hours prior to the attack, after being arrested for missing a court date. He was also stopped by police earlier that same night for being drunk and aggressive, but was released on that occasion as well.
The court heard Macarthur struck up a conversation with the young woman at a tram stop in the Melbourne CBD early on Thursday morning.  
Allegedly Macarthur asked the woman to go home with him, put his arm around her, and walked with her around the CBD, which she went along with for fear of upsetting him. 
When they got on the tram, he began to kiss her against her will. Detective Senior Constable John Robertson told the court that although the woman mouthed “Help me” to a male passenger sitting opposite, he did not respond. 
Macarthur allegedly followed the woman off the tram at St Vincent’s Hospital, saying “You’re not leaving me“; when she tried to enter the hospital, ringing the doorbell next to the locked doors, he allegedly became angry and said, “We’re going to f— tonight“.
He then allegedly dragged her around the corner of the building where he put her in a headlock, choked her, ripped her underwear, and repeatedly digitally raped her. 
Police told the court that Macarthur had insisted to them that he was “driven by his sexual desires“. 
In the Melbourne Magistrates Court on Friday, Macarthur told the court that he was “not a violent person by nature,” saying:
“I don’t know why she didn’t leave, I guess I misread the signals.”
He’s been charged with five counts of sexual penetration without consent, two counts of intentionally touching the woman in a sexual manner without consent, seven counts of assault and one count of unlawful imprisonment. 
He has not been granted bail. 
Police are still appealing for any witnesses to come forward, as they believe a number of people witnessed the incidents on the tram that morning.

Source: The Age.
Image: Wikipedia. 

If you or someone you know has experienced sexual assault, call 1800 RESPECT on 1800 737 732 to speak to a counsellor.