Aliona Doleskaya & Tavi Lookalike for Blacksquare

The editor of Vogue Russia, Aliona Doleskaya, appears topless on the cover of Russian art magazine BlackSquare alongside a Tavi lookalike. The Tavi impersonator happens to be a model named Lisa who appears in a project by Russian art superstar Pavel Peppershtein.

The similarity between the two images was actually a complete coincidence. Aliona was being followed around Paris by photographer Matt Irvin who snapped the image while she was trying on Jewelry. The Blacksquare editors on seeing the similarity to the Pavel image decided to run it as well.

While it’s almost a pre-requisite for top models to be willing to ‘slip a nip’ to further their careers the editors behind the shoots rarely ever join in the action (with the exception of Purple’s Olivier Zahm who seems more than willing to get his hands ‘dirty’)

It’s like stumbling into an alternate dimension where Terry Richardson keeps his pants on.

Anna Frost is Pedestrian’s Russian Standard Editor at Large and is stationed in Moscow. She also writes about all things fashion at her aptly titled blog Anna Frost Daily Fashion.