Alice McCALL’s Cruise ’16 Campaign Was Shot At Hollywood’s Most Epic House

If the walls of LA‘s sprawling Goldstein Residence could talk, they’d have a bunch of *really* insane stories to tell.

From being used as the backdrop for countless music videos and photoshoots by everyone from Helmut Newton, Steven Meisel and Mario Testino to the porn palace-cum-bachie pad of The Big Lebowski‘s Jackie Treehorn, it’s a Hollywood icon with a $40m price-tag.
Aussie designer alice McCALL is the latest person to use the architectural beaut’s sexy angles and 23,000sm of tropical garden, as the backdrop for her fkn amaze Cruise ’16 campaign ft. the irresistibly cool Lindsey Wixson.
Earlier this year, the John Lautner-designed house and everything on its grounds – which includes a James Turrell artwork, lap pool, screening room and nightclub that’s hosted the debauchery of Leonardo DiCaprio, Jay Z, Mick Jagger, Rhi-Rhi etc – will be bequeathed to the Los Angeles County Museum of Modern Art (LACMA) by its billionaire owner James Goldstein.
Goldstein was actually home when Alice, Lindsey, photographer Emma Summerton and the crew arrived to shoot the dreamy images, and we’re told was a “wonderful” host. 
House porn aside, the sweet n’ summery campaign literally makes us want to buy every bit of the collection when it drops in October (with pre-order kicking off late-August). 
Take our money pls.
Photo: Supplied / Emma Summerton.