If you’re bored in the house and you’re in the house bored and you’ve just noticed how disgusting your floors are, you’re in luck because Aldi is slinging their $99 dupe vacuum that’s apparently as good as the really pricey ones.

Hitting shelves on Saturday September 5, the 2-in-1 Stick Vacuum Cleaner is selling for just $99, and is reportedly a pretty good alternative to the Dyson Handstick if you’re not in a place to invest in a vac.

The vacuum comes with three different attachments for getting into all of those pesky places where you’ve inevitably spilled biscuit crumbs during a Netflix binge, and even has a wall mount for easy storage.

Unfortunately, you only get around 20 minutes of run time, compared to a full half hour with a Dyson. This means you might need to recharge a few times if you want to vacuum a whole house, but who actually wants to do more than 20 minutes of straight vacuuming anyways?

If you’re feeling really lazy and want to invest a little more cash, they’re also slinging a robot vacuum that’ll do the hard work for you for $399 as part of their cleaning range next weekend.

For a couple of hundred dollarydoos, you could deck yourself out with a full cleaning kit to keep your house looking schmick in lockdown. I mean, what else are you doing with your time other than cleaning? Not leaving the house, that’s for sure.