Australia’s leading expert in poor taste and bad timing has struck again after talkback radio host Alan Jones suggested that there could be a link between the tragic Boston Marathon bombings and radical left-wing student groups. Speaking on Channel 7’s Sunrise program, Jones was eager to speculate as to who could be behind the blast despite the assertion from US authorities that they were yet to have any suspects.
I wouldn’t be surprised if this was a conspiracy amongst students,
left-wing radical students in Boston, and I think we have to think also
very seriously here about our own student numbers,
” Jones said on Sunrise.
We’re very keen to have foreign students pay the way of universities in
this country without a lot of discernment about who comes in. But I
think the fact that we’ve been spared this kind of thing, touch wood,
for so long highlights, as I said, the relentless work done by ASIO and
all our police organisations.

With Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) located within the city, there could be some truth to Jones’ twisted logic. But considering Boston also has many radio stations; lecherous, agenda pushing, ratings hungry, loudmouth fuckwit radio hacks can’t be discounted as possible suspects either. 
Shut up Alan Jones!

via SMH