Wanna change the world and look schmick as hell while you do it? Well, you’re in luck because this year’s AIME hoodies are here and good lord, if they’re good enough for daddy Jock Zonfrillo, they’re good enough for me.

AIME was born 16 years ago (yep, it’s old enough to drive a car) with the hope of creating equality and proving opportunities for marginalised children. But for the last ten years, their Hoodie Day has used stylish clothing to literally help change the world, and this year is no different.

This year’s ReclAIMEd hoodie is not only fashionable AF, but it’s also made from up-cycled old hoodies from the past decade. Oh, and did I mention they’re printed on that sweet, sweet AS Colour goodness?

Three kids from the three continents AIME works on (Africa, America and Australia) came together to produce the design, all sharing a vision of creating a fairer, more equal world.

All profits from any of the apparel on the AIME website goes directly back into funding the “imagination of marginalised kids and a fairer world.” I mean, who doesn’t want a fairer world?

But if you’re still not convinced you’d look bloody schmick in an AIME hoodie, peep these familiar faces rocking theirs on Hoodie Day, which was earlier this week on August 10. But although Hoodie Day is over, it’s still bloody cold and we could all use a new hoodie to keep us warm.

Of course, we had to kick it off with MasterChef dad and Katy Perry-certified daddy Jock Zonfrillo.

Need to see another beautiful human rocking their hoodie to seal the deal? Well, look no further than model/influencer Sarah Ellen.

And hey, the hoodie even copped TV presenter and model Ksenjia Lukich’s coziness tick of approval.

And let’s not forget icon Michelle Law, who looks a million bucks in her AIME hoodie. We simply love to see the support for such a good cause.

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Today @aimementoring celebrates the 10 year anniversary of Hoodie Day. AIME’s hoodies have always been a symbol of unity – something we’re needing more than ever, the world over – and this year’s “WE IMAGINE” hoodie has been designed with art from three kids in the three continents AIME works with (Africa, Australia and the USA) to get you thinking about the ways in which you’ll pledge to help create a fairer world in the 10 years to come. Personally, I’m pledging to donate as much and as widely as possible to important causes, to continue self-educating myself on anti-racism and other vital social movements, and to eat less meat.   If you’re unfamiliar with AIME, it’s a social movement born in Australia 16 years ago, from the genius noggin of Jack Manning Bancroft, for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander kids. It works to transform education from the inside, to create equality, and build more access to opportunities for marginalised kids. If you want to support AIME’s awesome work, you can buy this hoodie and other awesome threads that fund initiatives like… paying people’s rent, the RFS, supporting outreach work in remote Indigenous communities, and more. Check out: shop.aimementoring.com. You can use “MICHELLE” as a discount code. #AIMEMentoring #WEIMAGINE #AIMEapparel #RECLAIMED #hoodieday10

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It’s been a brilliant decade for AIME’s Hoodie Day, and with your help, after the next 10 years they want to be able to say:

“This hoodie changed the world. We asked people to act. To stand up and create change. Then afterwards we gave them a piece of clothing: the hoodie. And we said, “Thank you for fighting for a fairer world.”

You can pick up a snazzy-looking hoodie for a good cause on the AIME website here.

Image: Instagram / Jock Zonfrillo | Sarah Ellen