Hell hath no fury like a woman who hasn’t received her online order on time.

ACA’s Sleuths Bust Shakuhachi Founder Livin’ Large In Bali Despite $1M Debt

And when it comes to failing to fulfil customer orders, Australian fashion label Shakuhachi are the real MVPs.

The women’s fashion label has enjoyed huge success both here and overseas. It’s been stocked on major global fashion sites and boasted stores in most ‘Strayan capital cities, and even a couple in Bali. In 2011, owning a boho-chic Shakuhachi dress was, like, the hottest thing ever. But in the years since, Shakuhachi has fallen from grace.

In May 2015, the former Shakuhachi Limited was placed under voluntary administration. Of course, consumers weren’t immediately privy to this, and kept on buying items, despite the company supposedly owing over 80 creditors over a million bucks. 

And now A Current Affair have taken a break from busting The Bogan Bikie Neighbours From Hell to chase down the founder of the company, Jessica White, who appears to be living large in Bali while her customers are biting their nails off in frustration waiting for their unfulfilled orders:

The classic sting-style video shows White looking like a stunned mullet before locking herself in the men’s bathroom.

If you’ve ordered something from their online store in the past year, there’s fair chance you wouldn’t have received your item. Or, if you did, it’s likely that item wasn’t the right size or didn’t look like it did on the website. And this isn’t a one-off fudge up; there are literally 100s of horror stories about the brand.

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despite liquidated

One scathing review on Product Review reads:

“Absolutely outraged by the service that I have received. 

Purchased two tops at the end of September 2016 (approximately $110). Received one top two months later in wrong size and unwearable condition. The second top has still not arrived and we are in June. They have stopped responding to my emails. They won’t return my money, the store will not accept a return as it was past the date. Even though it was sent two months late and the second top hasn’t arrived. 

“Appalled is an understatement.”

The label is facing possible investigation for trading while insolvent.

Source: A Current Affair.

Photo: A Current Affair.