As though taking public transport isn’t already a harrowing enough experience, now Sydney‘s trains have branched out from being just moderately annoying into full-on terrifying, thanks to an unexpected explosion at Burwood Station that flung bits of train all over the fucken platform.

Trains! What’s their problem!

A Sydney Train Literally Exploded All Over A Station Platform This Arvo

the angriest form of transport

It’s okay – the only person to suffer any injuries was treated on the scene and he’s fine, just a bit bruised. 

But the fact remains that several parts of a train carriage violently blew off this afternoon, narrowly missing people on the platforms. The cause of the airborne panels was likely a problem with a power inverter inside the top of the carriage. 

According to Sydney Trains CEO Howard Collins:

“We had a flashover of the static inverter on top of the Waratah train that caused debris to fall outside the train and also some interior damage.”

(“Fall” is an interesting word choice – I’d go with something more like “shoot” or “eject” or, y’know, “explode”.)

The station was evacuated, cops came in to investigate, and the train was taken away to be examined.

Obviously passengers are not impressed with their commute being turned into a falling-object obstacle course. God speed, travellers of Sydney. God speed.

Source and image: 7NEWS.