A Reddit Thread About Total Gronk Mates Will Make You Grateful For Yours

A Reddit thread about the absolute gronkiest friends in existence will make you extremely glad for yours.

In celebration of the Ides of March – a.k.a. March 15, when Brutas “totally just stabbed Caesar in 44BC – a Redditor asked users to recount a time when a close friend stabbed them in the back. Which, uh, includes this dude who actually got stabbed in the back.

That is ice cold. If you were wondering, the dude got locked up for like two and a half years.

Of course, this is Reddit, and cheating comes up a LOT.

(Why is Reddit like this? Is being cheated on just one of those universal, shitty experiences? Is this the only place they have to vent? Or have I just spent too much time on /relationships?)

And for some reason, so do bands. Or rather, people being kicked out of bands.

But if there’s one thing to learn from this thread, it’s that people are shit and will fuck you over in the end, so all friendships should immediately be replaced with dogs.