A New “Banksy” In Melbourne Has A Dig At Us For Electing Pauline Hanson

While we’re all trying to figure out if Banksy *actually* got snapped on video trying to do a sneaky art in Melbourne, we should probably take a bit of a look at the art in question.
The new piece, which has all the hallmarks of a ~legit~ Banksy showed up in Melbourne’s Hosier Lane overnight, ahead of the planned opening of the (frankly enormous-sounding) exhibition ‘The Art Of Banksy‘ in Federation Square on Friday.
And if it is indeed a Banksy, then he’s apparently phenomenally shitty at us, the Australian voting public, for putting Pauline Hanson back in the senate.

The graphic takes a very blatant shot at voters, showing Hanson wearing a t-shirt with the phrase “Fuck off, we’re fools” with her much publicised “please explain?” catch-cry floating above.

To be perfectly frank with the (for the time being) unidentified spray can man, we cannot. We cannot explain. At all.

The piece is still currently up in Hosier Lane if you’re keen to get your eyes across a “legit” Banksy in the flesh. The laneway does feature a pretty constant rotation of artwork, however, so you might have to put your skates on.
Elsewhere, info for ‘The Art of Banksy‘ exhibition can be found on its fancy website.

Photo: Brendan Casey/Twitter.