Agyness Deyn made a very lucrative career out of being distinctive. From her cropped and dyed locks to her Docs; the nonchalant yet distinctive eclecticism that typified her ‘model off-duty’ street-style; the film and music choices she’s made since she took a runway hiatus; and all the way back to the numerologically informed spelling of her adopted name (Deyn was born Laura Hollins). This same thinking then, you would presume, applies to the interior life of Deyn, and very literally to the interiors of her Williamsburg loft, which is now yours for the taking – if only for the ripe sum of $2.5 million.

Units 302 and 303 in Williamsburg’s Mill Building on the “exclusive Northside” at 85 North 3rd Street (for those of you that are interested in looking her up) were purchased for $965,000 apiece in 2008 and are, if anything, distinctly Deyn in their decoration. Timber floors and exposed beams – a given in any Brooklyn loft – collide with more unexpected elements of design, including leopard print rugs, an coral reef mural in the master bedroom, hot air balloon curtains in the den, a lavender-hued kitchen and a garish marble tub in the bathroom, replete with a wall-mounted lion’s head fountain tap.

There’s just so much going on here: it’s like Agyness takes an opium induced trip on an underwater safari to Africa and back through the salons of late 17th Century France, dragging whatever she can kicking and screaming back into the present to hang out with whatever she can find at the Brooklyn Flea. It certainly looks like a fun place to hang out, eat sushi from that place on 9th and Berry and compare stories of heartbreak – but to sleep, not so much. At least it’s undeniably Deyn.

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