A Lotta Work Went Into Making Pip Edwards’ MBFWA Models Hot Sweaty Messes

Tricking people into thinking you workout when you don’t is an art: Instagram selfies at the gym that you took months ago but still post on the daily, statuses about the #cardiofix you’re getting whilst in bed on your phone, and wearing hot activewear on every occasion. You can also use makeup and be convincing AF. 
Yesterday, PEDESTRIAN.TV went backstage at the P.E Nation show at MBFWA and spoke to MAC‘s Senior Makeup Artist Carol Mackie, who was responsible for making sure the models of General Pants Co.‘s Designer/Director Pip Edwards and former Sass & Bide Senior Designer Claire Tregoning‘s new activewear label looked like they just popped out of a Bikram yoga power-workout bootcamp, casually. 
The whole run-down is on our Snapchat story (PEDESTRIAN.TV) but here are the highlights:  
“We used shine-mixing medium with pearl and cablin oil, all mixed together on the models’ face and body, and then we’re spraying with MAC Fix Plus just before they go on so they look super sweaty,” Carol told us backstage. 

“We’ve used a bright red cream-colour base as well, just a tint of it, to look super flushed on the cheeks, like ‘I’ve been running’, it’s very healthy. But also, a bit sweaty and hot. Just lip conditioner on the lips.”

We also hit up Pip and Claire for a few of their top activewear style tips:
1. “Never wear heels with leggings.” So no post-workout Tony Bianco 7-inch stilettos whilst sipping vodka cranberries with the girls, soz. However, Pip followed up by stating:

2. “You can always wear activewear in the evenings.” GREAT news. This means no 4-hour bedroom ‘wtf do I wear’ sessions between working out and going out. Straight from the treadmill to dancing to Meek Mill. From leg curls to the curling iron. 
3. “Layer. It. Up. Clash colours, layer your active wear!” Fluro colours are key. The whole P.E Nation range is fly AF and a perfect example of this activewear rule. 

We did it !!!!!! Love you @clairetreg ???????? Thank you to Team PE for making this happen @p.e.nation @fashionweekaus #penation #mbfwa

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Available in General Pants stores and online, P.E Nation is pretty damn fire and will definitely inspire you to get your legs moooooovin’ (whether that be jogging round the ‘hood or grinding at the club). 
Photos: Jack Bennett / Life Without Andy.