A Group Of ‘Youths Out Of Control’ Attack Police In Griffith

Yesterday afternoon local ‘policemen-officers’ were called to a government office located on Yambil Street in Griffith and, upon arrival, were attacked by a dozen people. A statement from NSW police said: “More than a dozen people began throwing pieces of concrete at officers, as well as kicking, punching and stomping on them as they fell to the ground.”

After which back-up was called in and they were able to arrest five of the number, all aged between 13 and 18 years old. Amongst the five arrested a 13-year-old girl was charged with affray, assaulting police and resisting arrest; the other four were charged with a range of offenses from malicious damage, affray, assaulting police, resisting arrest and escaping custody.

Three members of the Griffith police force were treated at Griffith Base Hospital for cuts and bruising but are set to make a full recovery. Police are still looking for other members of the group with the reason for the attack still unclear. Michael Cera‘s moustache may be called in for questioning.

‘Youth In Revolt’

via Daily Advertiser and News