By now you’ve more than likely heard about the absolutely insane real-life court transcript from the US state of Georgia in which a particularly unhinged murder suspect introduced the world to the glorious phrase “suck my dick, you fuckman.”

And there’s a fair chance that you’ve heard of it through the utter glory of the word-for-word reading of the script by Justin Roiland, in character as both Rick & Morty.

Turns out the transcript was just about perfect for Morty Smith and Rick Sanchez, particularly given crotchety ole’ Rick’s pre-existing love of flowery language.

Because the internet is an absolutely wonderful place full of insanely talented people with not nearly enough to do, a fan has gone ahead and animated the whole thing. Start to finish. All 11 minutes of it.

YouTube animator Tiarawhy slapped the whole together with two months of painstaking work, a process that was largely live-streamed for fans to see the process. Now the finished product has dropped, and it looks absolutely incredible.

It’s a virtual note-perfect recreation of ‘Rick & Morty‘s animation style, right down to the borked pupils and hand motions.

Animation nerds will get a huge kick out of it, and everyone else will just revel in the fact that putting colour and motion to the dialogue somehow makes the whole damned thing even funnier.

There’s something about Rick asserting that he has a “big donkey dick” that’s utterly life affirming, y’know?

Source: YouTube.