A Fuck Off Big New Dino Species Has Been Discovered Up In Queensland

Huge news today if you’re specifically a fan of dinosaurs that roamed the Australian continent between 66 to 105 million years ago. I assume most PEDESTRIAN.TV readers are, but i’m not totally sure.

The remains of a new species of enormous, 14 metre long plant-eating dinosaur named Savannasaurus elliottorum has been discovered right here in bloody Queensland, surprising scientists who had no idea that this kind of sauropod lived on our continent. 
It was discovered by David Elliot who found the bones on his sheep station near Winton while herding sheep. Palaeontologists have managed to recover about a quarter of the skeleton, which makes it one of the most complete dino fossils ever recovered in Australia.
 Presumably it looked something like this:
The discovery has significant implications for how scientists believe dinosaurs moved across the planet – with many believing they migrated across Antarctica, which was super hot back then. Apparently it’s very cold now. Who knew.
“Australian dinosaurs have played a rare but controversial role in the debate,” researchers wrote in the paper, referring to the heated debate about how dinosaurs migrated over many millions of years.
Now: my theory. I think a living version of one of these bad boys is still living out in the Outback. Reckon you’ve seen one? Email me.
Source: News.com.au
Photo: Supplied.