As the singularity creeps ever closer and machines continue to take over more and more of our jobs, it’s great to know we mustn’t be THAT close to the robot uprising, given the continued laughable incompetence of some of today’s algorithmic bots.

Take the latest in failed tech-streamlining for example, this new bot creating some utterly cooked phone cases for an Amazon Store account, which looks to be randomly pulling stock photos from the darkest depths of the web, slapping them onto plastic and attempting to flog them as phone cases for 24 bucks a piece.
Some of the insane images plucked from the ether and aimed to be adorned on your shiny new iPhone include such artistic delights as ‘Psoriasis on the palms, fingers and nails of an adult male cell phone cover case Samsung S5‘, ‘Vaginal discomfort cell phone cover case iPhone6‘ and my personal favourite ‘Cheese wheel on bady instead of table cell phone cover case iPhone6’.
You heard us, cheese wheel on bady NOT on table.
The Amazon account, named ‘my-handy-design’ shows more than 31,000 results for products when you search for their username, meaning this probably constantly-running algorithm may not rest until every stock photo that’s ever existed on the internet, is converted into borked phone cases.
Head here for the seemingly endless list of nonsense, and cop some of our favourites below. The true technological age may be just around the corner, but rest easy that if this is the best it can produce, we’re all gonna be a-ok.

Get ’em while they’re hot.

Source: Andy Baio / Twitter.
Pictures: Amazon / my-handy-designs.