8 Things You Need To Know Before Starting Your Own Business

Over the past two months Pedestrian has traveled our great southern land with Microsoft to present a series of live Future Sessions inspired by Windows 8. As we sought to ‘edu-tain’ you with the launch of Pedestrian Coach, what better way to do it than hit Australia’s Universities with panel discussions and interactive Q&As to squeeze knowledge from our country’s best and brightest business folk. Each of the eight Future Sessions took place within Microsoft Tech Lounges at Uni campuses nationwide, inviting students and every keen Tom, Dick and Harriet to join the free and intimate events for some serious brain growth. Now, we bring the full sessions to those of you who missed out.

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and firmly believe the best boss imaginable is YOU here’s a great opportunity to procure invaluable tips from a few of Victoria’s best who have been there, done that, and done it damn well. In the following session we went to Melbourne’s Monash University to get lessons in entrepreneurship from the folks who’ve been there:
Jason Sew Hoy, 99designs (COO)

Karen Reischieck, Alice Euphemia (founder)
Pete Keen, Sugar Mountain Festival (co-founder)
Ned Dwyer, Tweaky & Native Digital (founder)

Stay tuned to Pedestrian.TV for all eight Future Sessions inspired by Windows 8 over the next couple of weeks.