5eva Cool Person Barack Obama Now Owns The Rarest Kicks In The World

Obviously given Barack Obama has ended his reign as Lord of the White House (*sniff* miss u already), every man and his pupper are getting in line to share their condolences/praise him for his supreme levels of swag and awesome leadership skillz etc. 

One of these said people was Dexter Fowler, one of the Chicago Cubs. Ol’ Dexter didn’t just come to shake Bazza’s hand though – he came to gift him with something we all dream to receive. Custom made sneakies.
The sneaks in question are one of a kind Nike Air Jordan 4’s, designed specifically for the ex-POTUS himself. They’re patent leather (oooooft), and feature the Presidential Seal on the tongue, as well as embossed on the box. 

Then, as if that wasn’t enough, Obamas signature has been lasered onto the heels, just in case someone tries to nick them in the gym or something. 

And his official logo is on that lil round thing across the first lace (it’s called the aglet but who knew that, right). Basically, there’s some srs customisation on these babies, and we’re preeeetty sure Nike isn’t gonna wind up releasing a line of ’em given they’ve got the bloody Presidential Seal on there. Looks like these are some Obama-only kicks, guys.
We anxiously await the inevitable pics of Barry shooting hoopz in these guys.
Image: Getty Images / Joe Wrinn for Harvard University.