It’s the classic Giant Douche vs Turd Sandwich scenario in the US at the moment, at least as far as most of the voting public is concerned.

Huge swathes of eligible voters in the States are currently looking at their two candidates for President in Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, and instead of feeling inspired and impelled to take part in the democratic process, have been wishing for the swift and total destruction of the planet instead.

A (very tongue-in-cheek) poll run by UMass Lowell‘s Centre for Public Opinion gave young voters the option of either selecting a preferred candidate, or selecting the prospect of having a giant meteor smash into the planet, triggering a new mass-extinction event and dooming mankind as a species to complete and total annihilation.

When it comes to Donald Trump? Over half chose the meteor.

The poll canvassed 1,247 young people between the ages of 18 and 35, and 53% of them stated a preference to be murdered horribly by a dastardly criminal space rock than face the prospect of Trump holing himself up in the huge, terrific, really luxurious Oval Office.

What’s more, when pressed to pick between the two, a further 34% would much rather prefer to be human fodder in an IRL Jerry Bruckheimer disaster porn flick than have Hillary Clinton reclaim the office for her family.

And, in fact, when faced with a choice of either candidate or being flattened like an ant at a picnic, 23% of those surveyed would very much like to be squished, thank you kindly.

39% of those surveyed kinda wish Barack Obama could do away with all this malarky by declaring himself President for life, and 26% reckon the entire US would be far better off if the next President was a random citizen selected via a lottery.

Joshua Dyck, co-director of the Centre in charge of the poll, stated that despite the humorous (if not bleak) results, they clearly reveal a deep dissatisfaction with politics amongst young voters.

“Obviously we don’t think that they’re serious. The fact that one in four of our young people pick ‘Giant Meteor’ tells you something about the political disaffection that is being shown by American youth.”

The poll also canvassed people on which of the candidates they preferred, in a falling-rock free scenario. Clinton topped Trump comfortably, 54% to 21%.

Source: The Guardian.