Recently, we told y’all about the ultra-rare ‘pop-up’ beach that emerged in Sydney‘s Mackenzie Bay. The location usually looks like this:

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But, in an occurrence gifted to us only every 7 to 10 years, the tide has shifted out for a bit to reveal a cute lil sandy enclave:

The infamous Mystery Beach. Once every ten or so years, a beach appears at Mackenzies Bay. Perfect for a swim today. ??#MackenziesBeach #MackenziesBay #MysteryBeach #MaccasBeach #Tamarama #BondiLife

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No one seems to know exactly why the beach appears, but local lifeguards wager it has something to do with smaller swells, meaning the sand builds up on the rocks and creates the “beach.” 

5 Of Australia’s Best Secret(ish) Beaches To Dip Yr Tooties Into This Summer

And it got us thinking – what are some other hidden beachside gems that Aussies should know about?

Sure, the following beaches mightn’t disappear and give rare showings like the mystery beach above, but they’re still not as prolifically-Instagrammed as Bondi


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Alright, alright, alright. So if you’re a true Victorian beach lover, you may already know of this place. But I hadn’t heard of it. So therefore, it is magic. 

Squeaky Beach in Wilson’s Prom is only 2 hours south of Melbourne, and gets its name from its sand which is so white and pure it makes lil squeaky noises when you walk on it.


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New South Wales is home to some of the country’s best beaches – Bondi and Bronte, Cronulla to Palm Beach. There’s well over 100 beaches in the city of Sydney alone.

That said, some of the best are found in more remote areas. Yamba, an hour south of Byron Bay, is one of those goodies. A tonne of pro surfers call Yamba home, and love the place for its laid back vibes.


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Tassie ain’t typically the warmest place on this sunburnt land, but it’s well renowned for its beauty and grace.

Godfreys Beach is a kilometre-long stretch of coast that defies the notion that the goatee-shaped state is only good for MONA

Looking over the beach is The Nut – a sheer-sided bluff that doubles as a volcanic plug. If it’s too cold to go for a dipsies, take the cable car up to the top, or walk. The view across Godfreys Beach from up there is breathtaking. 


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Not exactly a Surfers Paradise vibe at this beach, but a completely Instagrammable spot nonetheless.

180km south-east of Adelaide, this one’s best for full-blown campers – to get to the 140km stretch of beach, you’ve gotta get across the lagoons in a 4WD. The shade of the dunes changes depending on what time of day it is, which is, you guessed it, magic.


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Western Australia is renowned for its remote-but-incredible beaches, and Bremer Bay, which sits 180km east of Albany, is no exception.

Only 250 people live in the town, and it’s full of beach shacks and caravan parks. Glitteringly blue seas lapping up golden sands is commonplace at Bremer Bay – and in Winter, so are sightings of Southern Right whales.

5 Of Australia’s Best Secret(ish) Beaches To Dip Yr Tooties Into This Summer


So, there you go – just don’t rush there all at once.

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