4th And Bleeker Launches Label And Store

I usually hate it when websites have tracks on autoplay but upon visiting 4th And Bleeker, the personal style blog of Aussie beauty Alexandra Spencer, I’m greeted by New Order’s “Ceremony”* and I don’t hate that. It’s a good sign. Scroll down and there’s more good signs…

For one Spencer’s style is effortless. Secondly, she’s confident without being narcissistic, the single worst trait among the Fashion blogger set. We know this because (despite her day job as a globe-trotting model) Spencer is too self-conscious to let anyone else take her photos. Exhibit A: The ubiquitous remote camera trigger. Finally her striking feline looks evoke a young Erin Wasson which is to say she’s drop dead gorgeous.

And now, much like Rumi, Scott, Tommy and Bryan before her Spencer has parlayed the success of her blog into grander fashion related ventures. Today sees the opening of a 4th and Bleeker online store and the launch of a very limited run of their flagship piece – “The Jeepers Creepers Jumpsuit” (pictured). The jumpsuit is Australian made but available for purchase internationally so watch this space for a forthcoming interview with Spencer who promises to release further pieces as the blog and store evolve.

*And for those playing at home I’ve now listened to “Ceremony” four times since I started writing this post.